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My writing projects and my mission as a young writer


Jehanne J. Hedrick

Greetings! My name's Jehanne, the published author of Element Wolf book one: Stolen. 

I am pleased to welcome you to my little corner of the Internet world, where you've probably come to learn about me and my books. If that is the case, read on! 

I've been writing since I was about six, but was inspired to get serious about it at the start of high school. After the privilege of a Q&A/writing critique session with award-winning author Jenny L. Cote, I decided to head toward publication for Stolen, the first in my series called Element Wolf.

As of now, I am fleshing out the details for Stolen's sequel and trying to tell other characters of mine to be patient while they wait for their own stories to be written. Heheh...

My mission as a writer.

I write to serve. I strive to bring goodness into the world through messages of courage, forgiveness, and love. My ultimate goal is to shine light into my readers' hearts and lives to remind them of truth and to remind them that they're not alone. I write to show that when darkness is consuming, when despair seems too strong to battle, and it feels there is no one to turn to... there is still hope. There is still light up ahead, and there really is someone who cares. 

My projects

Official EW mockup.jpg


Stolen is about a young wolf named Flight. Disaster strikes when he is torn from his home and whisked away to a strange, foreboding land. Flight is shocked to find that he is part of a mysterious prophecy and holds odd powers no other wolf can match. Action, suspense, humor, twists, and themes of forgiveness tie into an epic quest for the courage to stand up for what's right.

Genre: Fantasy


Available here on Amazon!

Cover art by Kristina Anastasio. 

Element Wolf book two

(Title undetermined)

The sequel to Stolen! Book two includes a perilous journey toward the icy land of Canada, haunting figures from one character's past, and a grueling battle with the strange, wintry forces of the enemy.

In the end, a decision must be made that could either save or destroy everything that Flight once loved. 

Genre: Fantasy

 ~ Other Random Stuff ~

Aside from the Element Wolf series, I've been developing other characters for future books: One contemporary novel and one medieval fiction. The characters are quite cherished, but must be told to wait patiently while I finish Element Wolf before having their stories written! I have also written several short stories and have ideas for more, and thoroughly enjoy writing poetry as well. 

Contact me!
Questions, comments, signed copy request? Message me below! I'd love to hear from you! 

Thank you!

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